Coinbase Wallet Review

By: Finance Guider Team

Coinbase wallet is one of the main competitors, the native bitcoin wallet – blockchain. Coinbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California. At the moment, the two wallets have roughly equal numbers of fans. The official Coinbase website has the domain name, and several language interfaces. But there is no Russian among them, so we choose the English language, which is the easiest for the Russian-speaking population to understand. Let’s go through the registration.

Coinbase Wallet. Registration

To register for Coinbase, you need to go to the official website, it looks like this.

Coinbase wallet

On the home page of the Coinbase site, look for the sign “Sign UP” in the upper right corner. In the picture, we pointed to it with a red arrow. After that, you will go to the data entry page. You must enter your first and last name, enter your e-mail address, and think of a password. Check the box next to “I agree…..” and click on the big blue “Create Account” button.

After that, you will receive an email, in which you will need to find a link and click on it. This is an email that verifies your email address. By the way, after sending the letter, check not only your inbox, but also your spam folder, because that’s where it came to us. After confirmation, you will get to the personal cabinet of Coinbase wallet. It is worth noting that Coinbase identifies your location and on the main page gives you a report on the value and rate changes of the world’s main cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in your local currency. If you wish, you can view changes in the rates of other currencies that Coinbase wallet supports – Ethereum and Litecoin. In the “Settings” section of Coibase wallet, you can configure, change, add and make any settings. It is possible to put an avatar of your account and enable two-step authentication.

In the “Accounts” section of the Coinbase exchange, you can see the balance of your accounts. Since we are using a demo account for this review, we have zeros in the section. In order to see the address of your cryptocurrency wallet, we remind you that you have 3 types of cryptocurrency BTC, ETH and LTC stored inside your wallet. You need to click on the “Receive” button and you will be shown your address.

Coinbase Wallet. Coinbase wallet affiliate program

All the functions of cryptocurrency wallets are almost identical and have no differences from each other. But Coinbase wallet has its own distinctive feature, it has an affiliate program, which you can access by following this path. In the upper right corner, click on your name, after that a menu will pop up under which you need to click on the green button “Get $10”, and you will go to a page where your referral link will be listed. Post this link on your social networks or other resources and you could get $10.

Coinbase Wallet. Deposit and withdrawal

Coinbase wallet allows its users to carry out operations only in cryptocurrency, no other options are available to deposit in it. Therefore, if you want to refill your Coinbase wallet from the card, you will have to use an exchanger. Withdrawal of funds from Coinbase wallet in case you want money to the card also need to do through exchangers.

Coinbase Wallet. Conclusion

In conclusion, I would like to say that Coinbase Wallet is a very convenient cryptocurrency service. The only thing it lacks is variety of cryptocurrencies. We already mentioned in the article that Coinbase wallet has about equal number of fans with Blockchain wallet. To make your choice, read the article about the Blockchain wallet, and choose your favorite.

Coinbase is a type of cryptocurrency exchange. A significant advantage of this service is the cold storage of funds, 98% of them, stored on servers not connected to the network, which provides a high level of security. The rest of the crypto on Coinbase is covered by insurance. Also for security purposes, a two-tiered authentication structure has been added, confirmed by cell phone.

As for transactions with the currency itself, Coinbase wallet, very low commissions (2.5%), and when carrying out operations between two users of Coinbase, there is no commission at all. In the software system, the exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat is made instantly, but this option is available only if you are a citizen of the United States. Virtually all of the disadvantages of Coinbase wallet under consideration, are associated with the rules of use of the system itself. The entire range of benefits (high-speed transactions, paltry commissions, lightning-fast exchange of cryptocurrency) can be used only by the citizens of the United States. This creates a mixed opinion about this service. And somewhat discriminates all other users who do not have American citizenship.

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