EOS cryptocurrency

EOS cryptocurrency

What is EOS cryptocurrency?

EOS cryptocurrency is a digital platform for creating decentralized applications. If we compare EOS with other projects, it is very similar to Ethereum. The main goal of the developers was to win back a part of the audience from Ether by offering them a more scalable blockchain system.

EOS cryptocurrency is another project with which the name of Daniel Larimer is connected. During his young age, he managed to be noticed in several projects, which brought new ideas and developments to the world of cryptocurrencies, these are Steemit and BitShares projects.

When creating the EOS project, the developers' main goal was to win back a part of the audience from Ether by offering it a more scalable platform for creating decentralized applications. But if Ethereum can be compared to a supercomputer for creating decentralized applications, then EOS is an operating system with the help of which one can create Dapp, which makes it more flexible for developers.


Technical features of EOS

As we said before, the EOS cryptocurrency is an operating system for creating blockchain applications, which is based on the DPoS consensus mechanism, according to which network users select blockchain producers by voting. The project team has created a design with which it is not only possible to create applications quickly and easily, but also to manage accounts and databases. The functionality of EOS, also allows for the integration of authentication, as well as the application scheduling principles of application development.

Originally, the EOS project issued their tokens on the ERC20 protocol, but after launching their own network on June 2, 2018, they moved away from it and became independent.

  • EOS uses bandwidth to protect against DDoS attacks. 
  • EOS block generation speed is 2 blocks per second.


Advantages of EOS

Since the EOS network was launched only a month ago, it is difficult to highlight its disadvantages. But despite this, the network has already encountered certain problems, which caused the project team to block the network's activity. It will be possible to give a real assessment of EOS only after the number of applications developed on EOS will increase and the market will recover again. Such conditions will show the true face of the "ethereum killer".

The main advantages of the project include:

  • high scalability; 
  • easy work with the platform.


Where to buy EOS cryptocurrency

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency EOS is about $8 billion. This capitalization is formed by almost 900 million EOS tokens with a value of $9 per token. The remaining 100 million tokens are reserved for the project team.

Recently, the list of exchanges where you can buy EOS tokens greatly expanded, but the most convenient and safe is Binance exchange. On this exchange, you can buy EOS for USDT, BTC, ETH and Binance Coin. After buying tokens, you can store them on the exchange, or you can transfer them to your Exodus wallet.


EOS News

After the main EOS network was launched, more and more news about this project appeared on the Internet. In this subsection, we decided to collect the most relevant ones:

- Decentralization of EOS was criticized by Weiss Ratings; 

- EOS project was ranked #1 among blockchain projects by China; 

- A few weeks later, EOS chief developer suggested rewriting the project's constitution.



Friends, we really want to know your opinion about EOS cryptocurrency. So, feel free to state your thoughts under this article.

Friends, what do you think of this article? To consolidate the information we received above, we will briefly analyze the topic "Eos Cryptocurrency" once again. In Russian spelling, this project is spelled and read the same way - EOS. There are a lot of interesting and historical things connected with this project, starting from the idea inspirer of this project and finishing with raising funds for its development.

EOS is a cryptocurrency that is being created following the example of one of the industry leaders, the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Why "being created"? Yes, because at the time of fundraising for the development of the project, and even after its completion, the project did not provide its investors with the "project code" to see the results of the development team. But for the record, the EOC is an open-source platform that raised $4 billion in crowdfunding, which means it just had to do it. Plus, we'd like to point out that selling EOS tokens is not exactly an easy task. We've run into that problem ourselves.

The creator of Eos Cryptocurrency is Danny Larimer and his team of about 50 developers. Danny is known in the crypto world for his work with such projects as Steemit and BitShares. But eos is, in his words, a new generation of blockchain platforms for creating decentralized applications. According to the developers, this platform will be thousands of times superior to all existing platforms for deploying dApps.

For a long time, the project has been on everyone's lips, perhaps, connected with the crypto-sphere, but over time, it has come under a lot of criticism. For example, according to Jimmy Song, within 5 years cryptocurrency EOS will completely disappear from cryptocurrency sphere.

No one really knows how it will turn out, but at the time of writing, the project is ranked #37 in terms of capitalization at just under $1.8 billion. Eos's maximum price was set at $21.5 at the end of April 2018.