What is a Bounty Campaign?

What is a Bounty Campaign?

Bounty campaign (Bounty) is an opportunity to get a certain amount of cryptocurrency or other instruments, which can be regarded as a reward. This reward is given to a client for providing services related to marketing or advertising.


How to make money on a bounty campaign

But then you probably have a question, and how can I, a mere mortal, who does not have his own site and advertising planes in the city, can be interested in "giving away freebies"? It's very simple, if you have a page in the social networks, or you have your own accounts on popular forums, then you are quite a suitable candidate to do advertising. Sending customers information about the project you're advertising is also a good way to attract new customers.

But getting paid for advertising is not the only way to make money when participating in bounty campaigns. You can also work on the design of the logo, flyers, and other things, if of course you have design skills. If you know something about programming, the identification of bugs in the project, you can also do for bounty. For translators, a good opportunity to get free cryptocurrencies is to translate the information about the bounty project into other languages of the world. As you can see, there are a lot of opportunities to get the bounty, you just need to understand what you can do.

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How to choose a bounty campaign

You probably realize that with this kind of cooperation there can be a lot of negativity. The possibility of fraud is also very high. Therefore, before choosing your bounty project, you need to understand what project you are cooperating with and who is its organizer. These both aspects play a very important role.

The first aspect, the evaluation of the project, is very important. Before cooperating with a project, you must clearly understand how attractive this project is for investors and how much money it can raise. If the project does not have an interesting idea, then you are unlikely to get other users interested in it.

The second aspect is the evaluation of the organizers. If the organizer of the project works for more than a year and has done the launch of other projects, then you can probably find reviews about him on the thematic forums related to cryptocurrencies. Some of them have whole threads devoted to bounty projects.

We hope that we were able to explain to you a little bit about what a bounty is. If you are interested in learning new terms, read the article about what ICO is, because bounties, most often given for participation in development of ICO projects.