What is Sharding?

What is Sharding?

In this article, we want to tell you about such concept as sharding. This article was inspired by Raiden Network (RDN) cryptocurrency which solves its problems using this technology.

Throughout the bitcoin lifecycle of other cryptocurrencies, there was no suggestion that their networks were failing. But, during the peak of cryptocurrency networks - in late 2017 and early 2018 - the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, experienced network performance problems. Because of this, transaction throughput was too small, causing some discomfort and disruption to one of the basic tenets of cryptocurrencies - transaction sending speed.

The above problems can be solved by using sharding technology.


What is sharding

Sharding is a technology that has the potential to solve the scalability problem of cryptocurrency blockchain and any other decentralized application. The essence of this technology is to divide a transaction into small parts, and send them to different nodes for verification.

At first glance, sharding technology may seem very simple, but it is far from it, and only one project decided to implement it - Ethereum. The complexity of the implementation is that after splitting a transaction into small parts, the data about it must promptly come back. But, there is no effective mechanism to track parts of the transaction yet.


What problems does sharding solve

By implementing sharding technology into blockchain projects, users can forget about network bandwidth issues forever. And with the implementation of sharding in Ethereum, it will be useful for this cryptocurrency both when using Proof of Work consensus mechanics and when using Proof of Stake.

There is no information yet about the implementation of sharding in ethereum.