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Finance Guider is a website that provides verified information on companies and their services from across the United States. All articles, news blogs & reviews are written by expert authors who specialize in various topics related to finance/businesses such as investing or trading stocks among others things you can find here at Finance Guiders! They also accept guest contributions submitted by industry experts consultants marketers gurus so if your interested getting some more insight please email us today

Finance Guider's editorial guidelines

Our mission

Here at Finance Guider, we’re committed to empowering you with sound financial decisions. We break down the information about any topic from A-Z so that when it comes time for your next purchase or decision making process – whether big or small- there will be nothing left up in the air!

Our editorial process

We are committed to editorial integrity. Our team’s independence is imperative for credibility, and we never take money from any advertiser or partner in order maintain it during the reviewing process- this ensures that your opinion isn’t compromised by business interests!

Our editorial principles

Independence, objectivity and accuracy are the principles that guide our work. We’re not directly compensated by advertisers or partners so we can maintain complete editorial independence from them; this means finding a middle ground where both sides have something to gain but also lose nothing important in return
With these ideals guiding us each step of the way as always – it’s no wonder why so many people turn towards “Finance Guider” for their financial needs!


We’re always looking for new expert writers. If you have a passion and knowledge in your field, we want to hear from you! Please send us an email with “Article/Editor Request” as the subject line at [email protected]
We don’t just accept anyone who wants their work published – only experts whose articles will provide valuable insights into specific topics related directly or indirectly within today’s financial world can apply.”

There’re only a few simple requirements to your article/research:

  • It must be accurate, well-researched, and factual.
  • Write in an educational and entertaining manner to illustrate some interesting facts, events, or the like.
  • The text must be unique with no plagiarism.
  • You can’t publish the article/research anywhere else on the web without link to Finance Guider or sell the rights to the article to some other company.

For an article submit, please include the information on:

  • The topic, fact, or thing you plan to cover.
  • The title of your article/research and its summary.
  • An approximate number of words the article is going to have.
  • The main keywords included.
  • Your CV and/or portfolio.

Send your article or pitch to [email protected]  We’ll process your offer, evaluate its cost and send the response as soon as possible.

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