6 frugal living tips to save on college expenses

6 frugal living tips to save on college expenses

College expenses can be quite a pain if you do not handle it properly right from the beginning. Even if you try getting some grip over it through state grants or various university scholarships, your financial scenario can remain unchanged. So you need to consider your other options too if you want to save some bucks for your emergency needs. Here are some frugal living tips to consider:

Buy second hand Textbooks

A regular expense is that on college text books and stationary items. While you cannot do much about the stationary items as you need to buy them whenever you need you can definitely control your expenses on books. Try and look out for a second hand copy if possible from friends or relatives having the same subject combination. If you do not have any luck with borrowing you can buy a second hand book with a low price from the bookstores which store them.

Try old for new

You can also sell your old books if you are done away with them. It can serve you in three ways. First, you will clear out the space at your home that was occupied by those old books. Second, you will get some money in hand by selling them. Third, you can use the money to get new books for your college.

Use College library

College libraries usually have a good collection of books for reference work. Many times you may need some of those books more than often and you may think of buying them as a personal copy. However it would be better to shake off the idea for the time being and use the library services to the optimum to save the money on buying that book.

Bring homemade food

College canteens are the food joints for students. However many times the food is high priced but has low quality. It is thus better that you get your food from home as it will save you from spending your money on canteen foods.

Avoid after-college parties

Many students have the habit of lingering for long hours at party spots even after college hours are over. Though college life is the time for enjoyment and fun it is better to stay within your limit. Such parties can be expensive and you may not afford such luxuries for long.

Do not eat out often

Having lunch plan with friends once in a while or celebrating a friend’s birthday by eating out can be fine but you should not make it a habit to eat out often. Such meals are often expensive and also cost you for transportation, tips, and for added delights. So it is better to keep check on such undue expenses.

Short note

Maintaining a financial balance right from the college days is very important if you want to have a good credit report to support you for your job profile later. The article deals with a few frugal living tips to help you save some money on your college expenses.