Here’s How Experian Can Help You With Credit Management

Here’s How Experian Can Help You With Credit Management

A credit report is important because it can impact one’s ability to get a home loan, to buy a car, and many other things. Things that no one would want to miss out on. This is why checking a credit report should be a priority. Unsure about where to start regarding the finer details of a credit report? This article could be helpful.

A credit report is a cumulative assessment of your credit history. A strong credit report is essential if you need to take a loan or mortgage. A good credit score boosts your financial credibility and makes it easier for you to get loans and credit cards.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of improving your credit score.

If you have a good credit score, you will have advantage of getting:

lower interest rates on loans
an improved credit card access
easy loan availability
a boost in your overall financial health

Wondering how do you access your credit report and credit score? Well, that’s where Experian comes in. Experian maintains and issues credit reports to lenders as permitted under law.


Why should you choose Experian

Experian’s goal is to empower every individual to gain control over their finances. It does this by analyzing the financial data that is available to them. Experian also ensures that their consumers make the right financial choices. Through these experiences, Experian wants every individual to make smarter decisions while preventing identity thefts and ensuring that lenders make responsible decisions.

Experian’s services include:

  • Credit Report: Experian provides individuals with a free-of-cost credit report. This helps the consumer check their credit report regularly and helps them make better financial decisions.
  • Credit Score: Experian also provides individuals with a free credit score check. This helps a person keep track of their FICO score while keeping an eye on factors that are affecting the FICO score. Using Experian also boosts an individual’s credit score in certain areas. Not to mention, individuals also get to opt for personalized loans and credit cards.
  • Credit Monitoring: Another free-of-cost benefit that is offered by Experian is credit monitoring that allows the consumer to detect identity theft and fraud sooner. This also helps prevent any unforeseen outcomes while borrowing.

There are other services such as Experian CreditLock, 3-Bureau Credit Report, Credit File Disclosure, Credit Score Disclosure, and FICO Scores, which are required by lenders. Experian also offers CreditMatch and identity theft protection.


Why is Experian’s Boost Program the absolute best?

Experian brings it’s users one of the best programs – Experian Boost. This program helps customers improve their credit, or FICO score, as per the FICO score 8 model. In fact, Experian Boost has been shown to increase the FICO score by 13 points. This program also comes with tons of other features that directly benefit the user. Here are a few of them:

  • Makes you increase your creditworthiness and makes you credit ready
  • Is completely free
  • You can access this service by simply providing basic information
  • Helps you get credit for your utility bills
  • Credit score will see an instant boost.

As an added benefit, you also get Experian Credit Monitoring, which will help you keep tabs on your spendings and prevent identity theft.

How to sign up for Experian

To avail their credit score, an individual needs to sign up for Experian’s services. This will only take a few minutes.


Step 1: Visit the Experian website

Step 2: Click on Sign up

Step 3: On the sign up page, every individual needs to add details such as their name, current address, zip code, and state.


As soon as the individual creates their account, they get to avail of the free Experian credit report and FICO score. Users can also increase their credit and FICO score with the help of Experian Boost. That’s not all, they can avail of an updated credit score every 30 days. Every individual will also get to monitor their data and pay attention to credit monitoring. Dark web surveillance is another feature that can be accessed by Experian users.

Experian goes above and beyond to help their customers by providing support. Their support services include helping individuals correct inaccuracies on credit reports, adding fraud alerts to the required credit reports, and freezing access to the account when necessary. Apart from individual consumer services, Experian helps both small and big businesses. It helps businesses identify their credit score and find new customers. It helps with debt collection and management of business credit by tracking the credit score.

For big businesses, Experian provides a whole lot more, such as services like business information that helps organizations improve their profits. Experian helps deliver data and solutions to manage the consumer and its lifecycle. It also provides data and decision analytics along with marketing services and partner solutions.

Experian also provides landlords with tenant screening services. This includes finding information about the tenant, including their credit score, and doing a background check.